Thinking of hiring a professional pet care provider?

When you hire a professional pet care provider you are hiring someone you can trust to care for your pet and your home.
Here are some questions you could use to interview potential candidates:

1.   Do you belong to a professional pet sitting organization?

2.   Are you insured and bonded?

3.   Please describe your experience in caring for pets. 

4.   Do you have any additional certification or training?

5.   Can you provide references?

6.   Describe a routine visit with my pet.

7.   What medications are you able to administer?

8.   How would you handle an emergency with my pet?

9.   How do you care for my home while I am gone?

10.Please describe your key storage system.

11.Where can I find information about your services, fees, etc.?

12.How can I contact you, and how quickly can I expect a response?

13.How much notice do you require to schedule my pet care request?

14.Do you offer a complimentary meet and greet?

15.Do you have a service agreement that outlines the client’s rights and responsibilities and your duties as the pet sitter?

16.How will I know what occurred during my pet’s care visit?

17.If I am traveling, how will you confirm my safe return?

18.What payment methods do you accept?

19.What are you payment terms?

20.How should I communicate any questions or concerns I have related to my pet’s care?


My answers:

1.   I belong the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. 

2.   I am insured by through Pet Sitters Associates LLC.

3.   I have 10 years of experience caring for dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, and birds.  I am comfortable handling, feeding, and medicating these pets. 

4.   The American Red Cross certifies me in dog and cat first aide.  I also hold a current Michigan Veterinary Technician License.

5.   References are available upon request.  Client testimonials and reviews can be found on my website, Carolyn’s Pampered Pets LLC Facebook page, Yelp and Google +.

6.   During a routine visit your pet will be given plenty of TLC and will be treated per the instructions that you provide.   My goals are to ensure your pet’s safety, health and happiness.  During visits of 30 minutes or greater I will feed and water pets, walk dogs, offer indoor playtime, clean litter pans, and give medications (simple administration) for no additional fee. 

7.   I can administer topical, oral, and injectable medications.  I am able to administer insulin injections and subcutaneous fluid therapy.

8.   In the event of an emergency I will contact you and seek veterinary care for your pet.   I do have a first aide kit available. 

9.   I will care for your home per your instructions.  I will perform small tasks you need to have completed during the reservation (turning lights on/off, watering plants, taking the mail in, etc.) I will secure your home upon my departure. 

10.Keys are stored in a locked area and are coded.

11.Information regarding my services and fees are available on my website. 

12.You can contact me by phone, text or email.   I will respond by the end of business day, much sooner in most cases.  When I am actively caring for a pet I am not available to talk on the phone, text or email.  I do check my messages frequently during the day.

13.This depends on the service.  I try to be as flexible as I can; however it is advisable to request service 2 weeks in advance. 

14.I do offer a complimentary meet and greet.  Trips to your home after the initial meet and greet are subject to a fee to cover my time and travel expenses.

15.Agreements regarding your pet’s care, handling of your house key, veterinary care, and legal considerations are written documents.

16.I will provide a written daily visit log.  If you wish I will also provide a daily photo update by email or text.

17.I’d like to know that you have returned home from your trip safely.  I will leave a reminder for you to contact me upon your return.  If I don’t hear from you, I will call you.  If I am unable to confirm your safe return, I will return to care for your pet. 

18.I accept cash and checks. 

19.Payment is due at or before the service reservation.  Payment for regular weekly clients is due upon presentation of the invoice. 

20.If at any time you have any questions or concerns related to your pet’s care, please let me know immediately.   I want to do the best job for you and your pet!

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