Cats need everyday petsits too


We think of cats being independent and self reliant creatures, and while this is true, they are also happier and healthier when they receive daily attention.

Even the shyest cat appreciates daily acknowledgement.  Most cats I know love to be petted, played with and even brushed daily. Happier,  unstressed cats are healthier cats.

Cats are very good at hiding signs of illness.  It is much easier to notice subtle physical or behavioral changes when I am able to visit once or more each day.  Each time I visit I note food and water intake, litter box output, and observations about wellness or signs of illness.  Any concerns are reported to you the pet owner right away. If a trip to the veterinarian is needed I can take care of that immediately.

Everyday cat visits also mean that your house will be looked in on daily.  Mail and packages can be collected, and house lights varied to give your home a lived in appearance.