A Room with A View

The life of an indoor cat does not have to be boring.   Although your cat may not appear to be bored, he or she may actually be craving some environmental enrichment.

One great way to enrich your feline’s indoor life is to place a cat perch or a cat tree by a window.  There are plenty of exciting things to see from a window such as birds, squirrels, or leaves blowing in the wind.  Your cat may not appreciate other outdoor cats wandering by their window, and the perch or tree will offer them an opportunity to be elevated from the “threat”.

To really spice things up you can add a bird feeder, a birdbath, or even an outdoor light.   The light will attract insects and moths, giving your cat some fun nighttime activities.

A Room with a View
A Room with a View

Sandy’s Healthy Smile

Sandy Von Valtier’s final dental chart

Sandy, our 8 year old Basset recently had her teeth cleaned.  Prior to having the work done, she had a full physical exam and blood work.  Her exam and blood work looked great, so she was scheduled for a dental cleaning.

Sandy’s dental cleaning was performed under anesthesia.   This allowed Dr. Jones to perform a thorough oral exam, and allowed Sara Riley LVT to scale and polish all surfaces of Sandy’s teeth.  It is very important to clean above and below the gumline.

During the procedure Sandy was maintained on IV fluid therapy and her vital signs were monitored.  Sandy did well during her cleaning and she recovered well from anesthesia.

Sandy’s new clean smile will contribute to her overall health.